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Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson, CPP/PPS, is a security expert focused on protection of personnel. He has a rare blend of experience in physical security as well as business operation and management. With this unique background, Gary is able to direct clients on what makes sense from a security standpoint and what makes sense for the bottom line. Among his accomplishments, Gary has led the way in workplace violence education, developed workplace prevention and intervention best practices for organizations, and created broadcast media standards for lobby security design.

He specializes in executive security, planning and managing large-scale events, threat and vulnerability assessments, and physical security system management.

Industry Certified Since 2009


Consulted Incidents Concerning Workplace Violence Prevention


Planned and Managed Large-Scale Events


Completed Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Core Values

Our Core Values are the guiding principles that determine how we operate and what you can expect from us.



We operate efficiently and take a proactive and preventative approach to physical security.

security service with accountability


We offer more than just a report with recommendations and cost proposals; we are committed to the long-term evolution of our clients’ physical security programs.

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Our focus is people—we show genuine concern for clients’ issues, expectations, culture, and well-being.

trusted security partner


We take seriously the responsibility to safeguard and manage client confidentiality and intellectual property.

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We promote cross-functional information sharing to educate client and stakeholders on cost savings to be gained by recommended solutions.

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We value communication and open dialogue to identify the most cost-effective approach and achieve the right business outcome.