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Hudson Physical Security Consulting Provides Security Assessment and Action Plan to Freedom Park Preschool


As part of its community outreach program, Hudson Physical Security Consulting (HPSC) delivered a comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessment with action plan to newly formed Freedom Park Preschool.

“Gary Thompson is an extremely knowledgeable security consultant and did an amazing job understanding our needs,” says Margaret Waterbury, Director of Freedom Park Preschool. “He found solutions and gave us options that we are actually able to implement.”

“Schools, in general, are more vulnerable to outside threats than other business entities. By the sheer nature of the industry, there are times of the day where large groups of parents and children are entering and exiting the facility,” states HPSC principal, Gary Thompson. “We identified these weaknesses and provided a comprehensive plan to strengthen security procedures—keeping children and staff out of harm’s way.”

HPSC points to four primary threats to a preschool facility:

  • Kidnapping – Estranged family member or pedophile seeking to remove a child from the school or school grounds
  • Mass Casualty Event – Active shooter or terroristic event
  • Hostage Situation – Threat seeks to enter school and hold faculty and children hostage for financial or political gain
  • Domestic Violence – Spouse or estranged family member forcing entry, seeking to harm

Thompson then customized an extensive plan that included access control, visitor management systems, as well as future training for teachers and staff.

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