Facility Threat Assessments

We identify risks and gaps within your existing physical security posture. A thorough evaluation is conducted of your physical site security, critical infrastructure, systems administration processes, policy and procedures, training, employee awareness, documented emergency response plans and signage, security planning, specific security programs, and logistics. Our solutions balance technology and human intervention and help clients adhere to physical security best practices in operational preparedness, protection against insider threats, and employee and visitor safety.

Employee Threat Mitigation

7 Key Components of an Effective Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Follow our workplace violence prevention plan outline to reduce the risk of violence in your workplace and take proper action following an incident.

Workplace violence cannot be 100% prevented. However, there are steps to take in reducing the risk of violence within the workplace and the resulting damage such as lost revenue, lawsuits, employee absenteeism, or business closings. To help safeguard your business, it is critical to develop a workplace violence prevention plan and conduct routine workplace violence awareness training. After all, prevention...