Personal Protection and Event Security

Hudson Physical Security Consulting works independently and teams with a large network of protection specialists to develop personal and event security plans for our clients. We take a holistic approach that accounts for all aspects of your personal well-being including perimeter protection, medical support and transport, threat surveillance, site risk assessment, security advance, and VIP transport.

Emergency Response Planning

3 Critical Areas to Address in Your Emergency Response Plan

It’s important to understand how to prepare an emergency response plan for your company. In this blog, we cover three primary areas to address in your plan.

Hostile intruder or active shooter situations require a clear, well-defined emergency response plan. Developing such a plan requires special attention to three key areas: business operations, organizational culture, and architectural design. How to Prepare an Emergency Response Plan for Your Company When preparing your emergency response plan, discuss the following criteria with your security leadership team. Business Operations How many...


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