Security System Design

Our multi-step process of designing and implementing a physical security system involves collaboration between you and our experts. We apply technology, industry best practices, and device placement methodologies in designing solutions for your business environment. Services cover new, existing, and retrofit administration facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail outlets. Consultation is provided on the development of architectural designs to ensure proper separation of business-critical areas from the public such as lobby/reception, shipping & receiving areas, and cash flow management. Detailed system designs ensure the appropriate deployment and positioning of Closed Circuit Television, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection Systems.

Security System Design

5 Things to Know Before Selecting an Access Control System

Control unauthorized entry into your workplace and keep employees safe by selecting an access control system that fits you and your organization.

Your corporate facility needs to control unauthorized entry into employee workspace, cash handling areas, stock/distribution, critical infrastructure, and other sensitive environments. There are a variety of Electronic Access Control System (EACS) solutions available ranging from basic to robust. These include physical key systems, standalone access control systems, and full-featured enterprise level systems. So, how do you determine which one is...