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Physical security has been our only focus and passion for over 17 years and counting.

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Developing physical security solutions is a personal business. We enjoy getting to know you and we genuinely care about your concerns and well-being. We are committed to the long-term evolution of your physical security programs.

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Methodology is important; but, what truly matters are results. At HPSC, we are focused on producing the right business outcome for you.

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Simply put, we listen to you. We develop security solutions together, based on your unique culture and expectations.

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We offer more than a report with recommendations and cost proposals. We follow projects through to completion and ensure total satisfaction so you have complete confidence in your security strategy.

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Change Orders

While other consultants or vendors inundate clients with change orders, we are meticulous in our proposals and deliverables to ensure change orders are minimal or non-issues.



Sometimes, it’s hard to see past what is in front of you. We think from the outside in to provide fresh insight and objective solutions that affect your facility as a whole.

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The physical security industry is rapidly growing and constantly changing. We stay current with benchmarks and best practices to provide relevant solutions.

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From our years of service in the industry, we identify and prioritize risks and recommend solutions with authority—based on tried and proven strategies.

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